Larrañaga Bros are all about the music. They collaborate with other artists and musicians.

Larrañaga Bros

Andy and Mike Larranaga
The Larrañaga Bros are Andy and Mike Larrañaga. They both began playing their instruments at a young age; Andy playing guitar and Mike, drums and piano. They shared many of the same musical influences growing up and as they became more familiar with their instruments they inevitably began jamming together. The jamming consisted of covering a wide variety of songs and gave way to writing original music. In July of 2015, they launched their own record label, Larrañaga Bros Studios. The Larrañaga Bros have released 1 collaborative album and 1 collaborative single. They are set to release their debut album in early 2017.


Andy Larranaga In The Chair

Andy Larrañaga


Andy began playing guitar at age 12.

Inspirations & Influences:

Munky & Head, Stephen Carpenter, Wes Borland, Justin Lowe, Trent Hafdahl, James Hetfield, Wiz Khalifa.

Andy proudly uses:
Ibanez Guitars Line 6 Randall
Avid Eleven Rack DR Strings Dunlop Picks

Mike Larrañaga Round Table

Mike Larrañaga


Mike began piano at the age of 7 and drums at the age of 10.

Inspirations & Influences:

Dan Carle, Abe Cunningham, Matt Halpern, Tomas Haake, Matt Garstka, John Otto.

Mike proudly uses:
Mapex Drums Meinl Cymbals Promark sticks
Tama pedals Roland drums Toontrack